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What leads to a slip and fall injury?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2021 | Premises Liability |

Not only can slip and fall injuries leave you with severe head and spine complications, but you can also struggle to know who was at fault.

Knowing how these incidents happen is important for anyone struggling to recover after a fall.

Unsafe conditions

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, complications from a serious fall can leave you feeling weak and unable to complete daily tasks. Often, these injuries happen in a grocery store or on the premises of another public place. Not only can they occur outdoors in unsafe weather, but they can also happen in dimly lit or poorly maintained hallways inside.

You may slip on a puddle of water indoors from a rainstorm or a broken bottle that made the floor wet. Ice or other substances may cover the ground and cause someone to trip and fall down a stairwell or other area.

Neglect from owners

Common hazards for stores include issues like ripped carpets or uncleaned spills. Each owner is responsible for maintaining a reasonably safe area for customers. Since no two cases are exactly alike, you must use common sense to determine how likely it was someone else was at fault.

When a worker fails to clean up a spill when first alerted, it can lead to serious dangers. If the owners knew of a hazard and did not take proper steps to clean or fix it, then it may fit the definition of neglect. An employee or owner should take steps to remove an issue once someone brings it to their attention. Slip and fall injuries are a serious concern, especially for the elderly and anyone with prior health conditions.