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Did the Construction Company Cause a Mold Problem Or Compromise Your Home?

At some point after you built a new home or contracted for remodeling work, you discovered water leaks, structural problems, or substandard workmanship. You paid a lot of money for professional work, but now your home is devalued and may be uninhabitable because of safety concerns. What legal recourse do you have?

The consumer protection lawyers of Cockerill, Craig & Moore, LLC can help. We have successfully sued building contractors for water intrusion leading to black mold and other construction defects. Our legal team will aggressively pursue your legal remedies, which may involve redoing the work and/or monetary compensation.

Toxic Mold and Remediation

A leaky roof, improperly installed window or gap in the siding can allow rainwater or condensation to infiltrate your home. When it accumulates, that moisture can rot and weaken wooden structures. Rotted timbers, soggy wallboard or wet insulation becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew, including toxic black mold. Once black mold takes hold it can spread, causing headaches, respiratory problems, and other health effects.

A mold problem often involves considerable work to remove the infected materials, replace load-bearing boards, fix the underlying water intrusion problem, and restore the affected walls and ceilings. We coordinate the investigation to prove the contractor caused the problem and hold them accountable for the costs of remediation and restoration, including your living expenses if you must vacate your home or temporarily relocate during repairs. They are also accountable for medical expenses and lasting health problems from inhaling toxic mold.

Construction Defect Litigation

Our attorneys have extensive experience with home contractor fraud. We understand building specifications, building codes, and construction contracts and how to identify defects and hold builders accountable. Construction defects are not always the result of fraud, but the builder is still obligated to make it right. Cockerill, Craig & Moore, LLC has successfully sued construction contractors, developers, architects, and suppliers for:

  • Structural defects in foundations, walls, and roofs
  • Landscaping defects contributing to flooding or erosion
  • Inferior workmanship in cabinetry, masonry, or finish carpentry
  • Defects and code violations in electrical, plumbing, or mechanical work
  • Unauthorized substitution of inferior building materials

There is a right way and wrong way to approach construction defects. The builder must be given notice and an opportunity to rectify the problem. If they refuse to take responsibility or their proposed “solution” is unacceptable, we will pursue your legal remedies, including a lawsuit for monetary damages. Let our lawyers take care of it, including dealing with the builder and their insurance provider.

Protect Your Family and Your Investment

Give us a call today to discuss your possible construction defect case. In your initial consultation with an experienced attorney, we can gauge whether you have a viable action against the builder. You can reach our Woodbury law office at 856-440-1231 or use our online form.