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The Team With The Proven Insurance Defense Record

Cockerill, Craig & Moore, LLC is an insurance-focused firm. We always seek the most cost-effective strategy. Our services are accessible and flexible enough to provide alternative fee arrangements. Our mission is to deliver effective and efficient legal services to clients who require in-depth New Jersey insurance law knowledge and trial experience.

At Cockerill, Craig & Moore, LLC, We Know Insurance Law

As a firm that represents both plaintiffs and insurance carriers in insurance matters, we have the broad purview necessary to understand both obstacles and opportunities. We know the required laws and strategy needed to successfully defend a carrier when there has been fraud and false filings.

Every attorney on our team has a profound understanding of New Jersey insurance law and each has decades of courtroom experience. Three of our partners are certified as civil trial attorneys by the New Jersey Supreme Court, and two are fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers.

We will take the steps to build the most compelling case for your recovery. We know when to call in experts such as forensic accountants and economists, billing code experts, claims adjudicators, fire investigators, and other professionals. We work with health care, ERISA and tort claims.

We Protect The Rights Of Insurers In Many Areas

Cockerill, Craig & Moore, LLC protects the rights of insurers who have written any type of policy of coverage, including contracts providing:

  • Comprehensive general liability, or CGL, insurance
  • Casualty or property loss insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

We defend all types of claims under an insurance policy. This includes tort claims (such as product liability actions), consumer fraud claims and declaratory actions regarding coverage disputes. We also handle issues involving reimbursement and subrogation.

Work With A Firm Who Continues To Write The Book On Insurance Law

Schedule a meeting with our team to learn more about how our extensive experience and knowledge can be of benefit to your issue. Call 856-440-1231 or send an inquiry email to the firm. Located in Woodbury, we serve New Jersey insurance carrier clients throughout the area.