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In a dispute with a local builder, contractor or big corporation, you may not know your rights. You may feel intimidated or powerless even when you know you have been cheated or mistreated. But you have a lot invested in your home and nothing is more important than the health of you and your family.

The lawyers of Cockerill, Craig & Moore, LLC can help you level the playing field and hold those entities responsible for the harm or loss you have suffered. We have a proven history of successful resolutions in consumer protection matters.

Local Leaders in Consumer Protection Law

We serve homeowners, individuals and families in South Jersey who need legal representation for:

  • Home contractor fraud — Holding dishonest builders legally responsible for shoddy work, unreasonable delays, inflated costs or failing to fulfill the contract
  • Toxic mold and construction defects — Holding construction companies accountable for health hazards like black mold, structural defects or other problems that compromise your safety or your property value
  • Dangerous and defective products — Standing up to manufacturers of tools, machinery or consumer products that cause injury

We are experienced civil litigators who can enforce your rights under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act and other laws.

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