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Injured By a Dangerous or Defective Product?

Every day, people are injured by common consumer products, from toys and tools to appliances and automobiles. New Jersey law requires that products be reasonably fit, suitable, and safe for their intended use. Often a pattern emerges of multiple people being injured by the same product, indicating that the product is inherently unsafe in some way, but even a one-time accident may be the result of defective manufacture, design, or the absence of appropriate warnings and instructions..

The personal injury attorneys of Cockerill, Craig & Moore, LLC achieve superior results in product liability litigation. We help ordinary people of Gloucester County and South Jersey hold major manufacturers accountable for lasting injury and related losses. In a free consultation, we can determine if you have a viable case.

South Jersey Product Liability Attorneys

Jeffrey Craig and John Grady are veteran trial lawyers who have litigated many product cases over the years. They know how to identify design defects, manufacturing defects or failure to warn end users of known hazards and likely dangers. We invite you to explore your potential remedies if someone in your family was gravely injured or killed by:

  • Children’s toys, cribs, or baby products
  • Household appliances or power tools
  • Farm equipment
  • Ladders and outdoor equipment
  • Propane heaters or gas furnaces
  • Automobile defects (air bags, tires, etc.)

Product liability law is complex, technical, and expert-driven. Our firm has the experience and resources to take on large corporations and hold them accountable. Our attorneys have also defended manufacturers in defective product cases, giving them additional insights into trial and negotiation strategy on behalf of consumers.

Find Out If You Have a Case

Not every product injury is actionable. We provide a free consultation and case evaluation, and if we take your case there are no attorney fees unless we win compensation. Call our Woodbury office at 856-440-1231 or email us today to schedule a time to discuss what happened.