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Hold Home Contractors Accountable For Fraud

When you place your home – and your trust – in the hands of a contractor, you expect reliable service. Still, not all projects end up meeting those expectations. In the worst cases, a bad home improvement project could lead to significantly higher expenses and hassle than anticipated.

Our attorneys at Cockerill, Craig & Moore, LLC understand how frustrating contractor fraud can be. When your contractor violates regulations and you have been harmed, we are ready to advocate for you. We represent homeowners throughout the Woodbury area.

Common Types Of Home Contractor Fraud

There are many different problems with home contractors that could warrant a claim under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, including:

  • Practicing without proper registration, licensure or certifications
  • Failing to obtain the correct permits or inspections
  • Unnecessarily delaying work
  • Collecting payment without full completion of services
  • Violating terms of your contract
  • Lying about the quality, availability or cost of materials
  • Producing work that is incompetent by industry standards, such as installing a faulty roof or leaky plumbing
  • Misrepresenting the costs, discounts or payment structure for the work

From unintentional half-truths to calculated lies, a contractor’s dishonesty can cause serious defects for your home or finances. Contractors have a legal responsibility to follow all regulations. Homeowners have a right to hold them accountable when they break the law.

Our team has the experience to help you resolve a contractor dispute. As tough, attentive litigators, our lawyers are ready to examine the complexities of your case. We have a record of success in consumer fraud claims, and we will focus on getting the results you need to undo the damages.

Learn About Your Options

You should not have to bear the consequences of delayed, overpriced or shoddy work. Not every home renovation or repair that fails to meet expectations justifies a consumer fraud claim. But, if you discover that your contractor misrepresented the truth, we will stand up for you.

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