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The Experience You Need After You Get Hurt While Out and About

When we get hurt because someone was negligent – perhaps they left a pallet out in an aisle, or did not de-ice their stairs, or failed to clean up a spill and we slip – we need experienced guidance on what to do next.

At Cockerill, Craig & Moore, LLC, each of the attorneys on our team has decades of experience. Two of our attorneys are certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as civil trial attorneys. These characteristics, combined with our robust passion for seeking justice for our clients after an injury, reflect our focus on serving you.

We Take Most Cases

Our team is ready to handle more unusual premises liability claims, such as amusement park accidents. In these accidents, equipment may fail, proper maintenance may not have been done, or an inspection may have been missed.

Representing Clients of All Ages

We represent clients of all ages – from infants to teens to elderly seniors. No matter what the issue, we have the focused insurance experience and knowledge required to take these cases on. If you are housebound, we can come to you for consultations. As attorneys with extensive experience in a broad range of personal injury claims, we handle cases such as:

  • Snow tubing, skiing, chair lift and other accidents at ski resorts
  • Shopping mall and checkout lane injuries that happen to minors
  • Injuries including burns to children that happen at vacation rentals

We have also successfully represented clients who have slipped in a grocery store, fallen on icy stairs, tripped on a curb or defective drain, or tumbled over items let in a store aisle. While settlement is always a considered option, as trial attorneys we prepare each case to be fully ready for trial.

Going the Extra Mile Whenever Necessary

From car accidents to slip-and-fall accidents, we produce a full analysis of every case. To ensure that we create the strongest case possible on your behalf, whenever warranted, we employ medical professionals and accident reconstruction specialists. In many cases outside experts provide the necessary insights and authority to build a thorough case.

We know that every injury, every circumstance and every case is different. When you are injured it is not just “a case” to you – it’s your life.

Work With the Team Who Will Pursue Your Interests

We offer supportive, compassionate, responsive, and effective legal counsel and representation for injured people. We know you have questions about what to expect. We offer a free consultation in our Woodbury office or over the phone so that you can get answers to your questions. Call 856-440-1231 or send us an inquiry email, and we will get back to you about how we can help.