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Why You Need a Lawyer if You’re Accused of Causing an Injury to Another Person

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If you are accused causing injury to someone as a result of an action, comment, or posting, or you are a victim seek legal advice promptly. Persons who have suffered harm owing to the action or inaction of another can sue for damages. You may be forced to pay a considerable amount of money if the injured party can prove that you are responsible for related harm  they have suffered. If you have been injured, bullied, or victimized in another way you may be entitled to court orders to protect you or compensate you. Craig Annin & Baxter can identify the actions, defenses, and the risks whether you have been harmed or have harmed someone else.

Mistaken and False Claims Your involvement in a lawsuit may owe to mistaken identity. If the person was injured on a property or in some other space accessible by the public, they may have erroneously identified you as the owner and thus as the liable party. The lawyer you hired can easily clear up this mistake and get you off the hook for the accident. You must also protect yourself against a more sinister form of litigation. The person may file a lawsuit that is based on a false claim of injury. If, for example, you were in a car accident and the other driver was injured, you should take the incident seriously. However, if the photos you took of the damaged vehicles and the driver just after the accident are inconsistent with the claims they make in the lawsuit, then you should have your lawyer investigate.

How Your Personal Injury Lawyer Will Defend You Craig Annin & Baxter Law are personal injury lawyers in Woodbury NJ with extensive expertise and experience in these kinds of cases. If you suspect the claims being made by the other party, they will gather the evidence necessary to prove what is true and what isn’t. In such cases, your lawyer will have an independent medical examination carried out on the plaintiff. They may also have them followed. If they act and behave in ways that do not match their supposed injuries, your lawyer will use this fact against them. If someone has claimed that you are the cause of their injuries, you should contact Craig Annin & Baxter Law to get your legal options.