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Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2018 | Firm News |

Holding a party responsible for your injuries takes more than showing up to court with pictures of an accident scene or promises made by the other party while at the scene. Here is how the legal team at Craig Annin & Baxter can help during this situation:


Navigating Difficult Claims with Insurance Companies Telling your story in the most persuasive way to persuade an insurance company to compensate you fairly is what we do. Craig Annin & Baxter attorneys understand how to deal with insurance adjusters, from daily experience over dozens of years of practice. Your Craig Annin & Baxter attorney will draw on their experience to anticipate the demands of the insurance company and present the arguments, records, and the effect of the accident on your life supporting the demand for settlement.

Winning an Injury Lawsuit by Different Means If the insurance carrier cannot be persuaded to compensate you fairly through pre-suit negotiation your Craig Annin & Baxter attorney will sue on your behalf and pursue arbitration, mediation, or a court ordered result that obtains the desired result.

The Power in Bringing Experts to Court Your Craig Annin & Baxter attorney will identify and work with the appropriate expert witnesses to help tell your story. Whether it is an engineering expert to explain why the product failed or that the warnings should have been better or a medical expert that helps the jurors understand your injuries and their impact on your daily and extended life we know how to work with the right experts for your case. We work with  investigative experts who collect the evidence,  communicate the evidence, and recreate the scene as it happened. The medical experts will show the jury or the court how serious your injuries are and how they will negatively influence your life. Call Craig, Annin & Baxter and schedule a consultation with the lawyer prepared to handle your case today.