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What is a nuisance under the Commercial Maintenance Code of the City of Woodbury?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Premises Liability |

Every location has its own laws pertaining to keeping the peace and avoiding nuisances. This includes the City of Woodbury, which has the Commercial Maintenance Code that covers many different points, including defining nuisance.

Having this code is important to protecting the public and maintaining a safe environment. By pointedly defining a nuisance, it also allows law enforcement to more easily enforce the codes.


A nuisance in this city includes items that would pose a hazard, such as things that could lead to a fire or pollute water and air. It would be something that may create health problems, such as unsanitary conditions, or could injure people.

The city also recognizes attractive nuisances. These are things that could entice a child to enter a property and would likely result in an injury. For example, a swimming pool could be an attractive nuisance if there are no proper safety protocols in place, such as fences and alarms. However, it could also entail things such as poison ivy or an old refrigerator dumped into a yard.


The function of the law is to help ensure properties in the city stay in good condition. It allows for proper building and maintenance, along with making it easier for inspections. Overall, the code helps to make the city a nice place in which to live by managing the general appearance of outside and shared areas. It is for the general peace and safety of the public.

All residents have to abide by the Commercial Maintenance Code for commercial properties. Violations could lead to penalties from the city.