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A look at statistics dealing with fatal crashes in 2021

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2021 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

Several agencies compile information on motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey. While these numbers do not adequately represent the scope of pain and suffering from vehicle crashes, they do provide a window into the toll of accidents.

The statistics illustrate that many trends show movement in the wrong direction from previous years.

Fatal crashes climb in New Jersey in 2021

Though 2021 has not yet ended, information from the New Jersey State Police shows that traffic fatalities already exceed those recorded for all of 2020. As of November 8, state roads saw 550 fatal accidents and 571 total fatalities. This represents an increase of 75 fatalities from 2020.

One alarming trend shows that fatalities to pedestrians rose rather quickly. Already in 2021, motor vehicles killed 170 pedestrians. For comparison, in 2020 pedestrian deaths in this category came in at 149, and for 2019 the state recorded 150 deaths. Pedal cyclist deaths went from 9 in 2019 to 16 in 2020 and to 18 in 2021.

Stats reveal more information on fatalities

Additional information from the NJSP shows that nearly all fatalities resulted in one death per accident. Only occasionally did more than one person die per crash, with one accident in Gloucester County accounting for four deaths. Gloucester recorded 37 motor vehicle fatalities so far in 2021.

The driver of the vehicle in a fatal accident remained the most likely person to die in a crash, with 318 driver deaths listed in 2021. Camden County saw the most fatalities with 57, followed by Essex County with 54. A careful recording and study of accidents allow officials to work on mitigating the impact of motor vehicle deaths and injuries.