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What are some sources of animal bite injuries?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Animal Bites |

Although some animals seem harmless at first, their bites may carry a variety of diseases and can even cause serious physical injury.

Learning more about why these wounds make people ill or injured can help you understand what to do next.

Disturbed resting areas

According to Healthline, while some animals may not wake up from your interference, many others will feel frightened and attack. Their teeth can sink into your skin before you have a chance to pull your hand away, which can release bacteria into your bloodstream. Attempting to hold or pet a wild animal can increase your risk for injury.

Children are especially at risk for any health complications since they are typically smaller and more curious about wildlife. Wild dogs or cats may seem inviting to them.

Intense playing sessions

While some dogs may enjoy tug-of-war, the game can also go too far and cause injuries in humans. Whenever you put your hands near an animal’s mouth, there is always a risk of a bite occurring. Even in friendly situations, a dog or other animal can become irritated and act aggressively.

Accessible cages

When visiting an area with many animals, it may seem natural to attempt to reach in and pet one of them. However, even this gesture greatly increases the risk of a serious bite.

Caged animals may not be fully accustomed to people around them just yet, which can lead to them biting in self-defense. In general, if you do not know the animal, it may help to avoid touching it. Staying aware of the dangers of animal bites can help you stay safe.