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5 of the Most Common Types of Cases to Appear in Civil Court

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The civil court system is available to resolve conflicts between individuals, businesses and organizations. Craig Annin & Baxter’s Woodbury NJ civil law attorneys have expertise in helping their clients find the justice they deserve. Anyone considering legal action should schedule a consultation with Craig Annin & Baxter Law. These are the five most common types of civil cases:

Contract Disputes In such cases, one party has failed to fulfill a legal obligation created by the contract. The dispute may relate to the to the quality of the performance, the materials provided, or the payment for services. Home improvement contracts are one of the most common areas we are asked to address. Issues of proper licensing, insurance, and required contractual content are often involved.

Property Disputes Several parties may claim a particular item or parcel of property. When they do sort out the respective interests, or even dividing the property requires help from an attorney who can navigate the history, legal description of the property, and the chain of title.  These disputes can also involve the claim of damage by one property owner that resulted from the actions another.

Torts Intrusions on someone else’s rights –whether they be in the form of an assault on their person, damage to their reputation, or an intrusion into, destroying, or damage to property are known as torts.  Identifying the rights, interests, and duties of the parties and pursuing compensation for such intrusions—or defending against liability for them —are an attorney’s role.  If you have suffered a loss or are accused of causing one, contact the Woodbury NJ firm of Craig Annin & Baxter.

Class Action Lawsuits Such cases may involve the same type of harm inflicted in tort cases. That said, class action cases involve groups of citizens who may live in the same area or have the same interests, and who also suffered harm in the same or similar manner. Often the claims are of a smaller value that would preclude individuals from seeking relief individually but consolidating claims where the common questions outweigh the individual differences of each case allows a cost-effective and efficient resolution.

Seeking Civil Justice To guarantee the protection of their legal rights, litigants need the services of Craig Annin & Baxter Law’s Woodbury NJ civil law attorneys. This is why those considering legal action should first contact us.