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What is the average cost of an SCI?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Spinal cord injuries are serious no matter how minor the damage. The effects of one range from numbness and tingling at the extremities all the way to full-body paralysis. This severity requires rapid attention, which may result in costly surgeries, long hospital stays and longer physical therapy. 

All of that adds up. If you suffer an SCI, it may help to know the kind of costs that might lie in your future. 

SCI severity

According to a facts and figures report by the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, the organization breaks down an SCI’s estimated average costs into four categories: 

  • High tetraplegia 
  • Low tetraplegia 
  • Paraplegia 
  • Motor functional loss 

Tetraplegia refers to the partial or total paralysis of your entire body and the cervical vertebrae along your neck represent the highest risk for this. Paraplegia refers to the same range of paralysis but for your lower half. Motor functional loss is an umbrella term to cover any of that numbness, tingling or loss of control outside of paralysis. 

SCI costs

The NSCISC breaks down average costs into two estimates: the initial year and subsequent years. Surgery, recovery and rehabilitation happens shortly after whatever incident caused the injury. This average first-year cost hovers around $375,000 for motor functional loss and goes as high as $1.1 million for high tetraplegia injuries. 

Subsequent years average between $45,000 and $200,000. 

SCI compensation

These costs may seem overwhelming. Considering that medical science has yet to cure this type of injury, it may be an inevitable cost to face if you suffer an SCI. Having these costs in mind may help you know what to expect when researching a compensation claim so that you do not have to bear the full burden of this unexpected and lifelong cost.