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Who Is Responsible for a Trucking Accident Injury?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents, Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents |


Getting into a trucking accident is a stressful experience, and you have many things about which to think. You are likely asking yourself how to decide who is at fault when an accident takes place. In most cases, the insurance companies go with anything law enforcement decides. If the police decide the truck driver is at fault, insurance companies will have a much harder time fighting it. Also, the driver who caused the accident is legally at fault. If the truck driver broke a traffic law when he caused the accident, getting the outcome you want is much easier. The team at Craig Annin & Baxter Law will have your back if you need accident lawyers in Woodbury NJ.

Possible Injuries Trucking accidents are much more serious than car accidents. The location of the accident also determines how bad your injuries might be. If an accident takes place in the city or stop-and-go traffic, the reduced speed could lower the severity of your injuries. On the other hand, trucking accidents that take place on the freeway are much more serious. You could face scrapes, cuts, and fractures on the low end. If you are in a serious trucking accident, you could face broken bones and lasting injuries.

Why You Need Accident Lawyers in Woodbury NJ Insurance companies put their interests before yours. When you file a claim, they want to know how they can reduce the compensation you get. They want to pay as little as possible to maintain their profitability, and you could get stuck facing many of the expenses alone. The team at Craig, Annin & Baxter Law has experience dealing with insurance companies and knows how to give you the highest possible odds of success. We stand by your side and give you peace of mind from start to finish. If you would like to enjoy the best possible odds of getting the outcome for which you have been hoping, call us today.