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Fall on Private Property? Who Would Be Liable For Your Injuries?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Personal Injury, Premises Liability |


Whether you are visiting someone’s home, or you are shopping at a store, it is possible to fall on the owner’s property. If you are injured, someone is liable for the medical treatment and lost wages that you incur because of your injuries. As soon as you are able, you can contact the office of Craig, Annin & Baxter Law, a slip and fall attorney in Woodbury New Jersey. It is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible after an incident such as this so that the details of the fall are fresh in your mind and can be properly recorded. Your attorney can assist with filing a claim against the property owner and investigate any insurance coverage that the person might have so that it the incident can be filed. Once the incident is filed, your attorney can work to reach a settlement with the property owner that will cover lost wages as well as medical treatments that you might need along with medical bills. After falling on private property, you need to remember that it might not be the fault of the owner. Someone from Craig, Annin & Baxter Law, a slip and fall attorney in Woodbury New Jersey, can look at the evidence presented to determine if the fall could have been prevented or if it were due to negligence of the property owner. If the property owner is deemed not to be at fault, then you might not obtain all the money from a settlement. However, you might be able to receive some type of compensation due to the incident taking place at a location that is not your own. Pictures can be given to your attorney to show the details of the property where the fall occurred. These images can usually show whether the property was not maintained properly, which led to the fall.