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Should I Talk to a Lawyer If My Insurance Claim is Denied?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2019 | Firm News |


Insurance is quite comforting until you need it. Then you plunge into a complex web of contracts and administrative operations with terms and processes average people do not understand. When your claim is denied, it can be a shock. A denied insurance claim means you do not have the money you need to handle your life after a major setback. But experienced counsel can analyze your insurance policy language and have knowledge of statutory or case law authority that can force an insurance carrier to reconsider a claim denial or be compelled by a court to reverse an unfavorable decision. Talking to attorneys at Craig Annin & Baxter Law moves you closer to collecting on your claim even when are told you have none. They are Woodbury NJ insurance defense lawyers with the case law knowledge and courtroom experience to advocate for your interests with insurers. The team respects the multiple strains these events cause and gets to work for you quickly on them.

They can help:

  • Explain insurer rights, plans and pertinent precedents
  • Initiate an immediate appeal against the denial and reopen your claim
  • Review documents and gain full transparency on the grounds of your original denial
  • Communicate on your behalf with claims processors, adjudicators and more
  • Locate or mitigate effects of missing, incomplete and incorrect information in your documents
  • Check if your claim was assigned its appropriate codes and categories for fair, just consideration

You need your time and energy to cope with the incident that caused your claim in the first place. Craig Annin & Baxter Law can get you back focused on moving forward and healing, not waiting on hold or wading in a stressful appeals process. They are there when you need Woodbury NJ insurance defense lawyers to get results.