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Workplace Documentation: How an Attorney Can Help

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2018 | Firm News |

If it is not documented it did not happen.  Information management is itself a multi-billion dollar business and the failure to manage information is the downfall of many a business large and small.  Individuals and businesses are required by law to maintain records. Legal obligations require the production of information to support and defend against claims.  Missing, deleted, or mismanaged information can determine the outcome of a legal dispute or investigation.

Types of Workplace Documents


Traditional definitions of  workplace documents are outdated.  They are not just  paper records, electronic communications like text messages, emails, tweets, and social media postings are now included in this definition.  Any message that is written, recorded, captured, downloaded, or exchanged  on paper or in a computer file must be managed, retained, and capable of production. These documents can include

  • Memos
  • Printed letters
  • Press releases
  • Business contracts
  • Emails
  • PDF files
  • Word documents
  • Web pages
  • Text messages

Breach of Contract Employment, purchasing, borrowing, the transfer of property interests, are examples of contracts that impact the daily lives of individuals and businesses. A breach of contract is a serious problem that involves workplace documentation. Business and job continuation can hinge on the ability to document properly the terms of these agreements.  An individual could lose his or her job or a business could lose essential funding, patents, formulas, customer lists, franchise rights, or exclusive territories  if the agreements have not been documented, and the documentation preserved. Craig Annin & Baxter  attorneys can create the agreements that document the party’s intent and can help enforce agreements when a dispute arises.

Legal Evidence in Court Documentation forms the foundation for arguments made in court. Craig, Annin & Baxter trial attorneys use documents to prove that workplace harassment, discrimination, or any other alleged injustice either did or did not take place. Craig Annin & Baxter attorneys can help you understand your record-keeping obligations, identify the documents needed for resolving disputes, and present the documentation in an organized and persuasive manner to protect your rights, assert your claims, or defend against unjustified claims. Contact Craig, Annin & Baxter to resolve your work-related issue or schedule a case consultation.