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What Is Considered Reasonable Accommodation At The Workplace?

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The Americans With Disabilities Act prohibits people from being discriminated against because they have disabilities. Employers are also required to make accommodations to make it easier for people to do their job.

What is a Reasonable Accommodation? A reasonable accommodation is any type of change that is made to enable people to do their jobs better. Employers are required to make reasonable accommodations unless it will create a hardship for the workplace. For example, if the accommodation is not financially-feasible, then the employer will not be required to make it. Accommodations are made for qualified employees. This means that the employee possesses the necessary training, skill and experience for the job. Qualified employees are also able to perform their job with reasonable accommodations.

Examples of Reasonable Accommodations may Include the Following:

  • Modifying the facility for employees- This may include adjusting the height of the desks, installing wheelchair ramps and using computer screen magnifiers.
  • Restructuring the job-This may include adjusting the working hours so that an employee can get to their medical appointments.
  • Modifying the training and exam-This may include things such as giving them more time to take an exam and or allowing them to take a different type of exam.
  • Giving people enough medical leave time
  • Providing workplace specialists who can help people with disabilities
  • Transferring the employee to another job site so that they can get better care.

Contact CockerillCraigMoore Law If you feel that you have been not treated fairly in the workplace because of a disability, then you will need to contact New Jersey employment law attorneys. Our civil lawyers in NJ believe that people have the right to work regardless of their physical or mental disability. Our Haddonfield employment law attorneys can work with your employer in order to help you get the accommodations that you need.