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It has come to our attention that local residents, including a Medford Lakes, New Jersey grandmother, have been victimized by swindles that demand that they make a payment through Green Dot MoneyPak or other reloadable debit cards. These scams have included callers claiming that the homeowner’s Atlantic Electric utility bill is overdue and their power will be turned off, a warrant has been posted for an unpaid traffic or parking ticket, that an old credit card bill or loan has been overlooked, or most viciously that a loved one has been kidnapped. The Medford Lakes grandmother was tricked into believing that her grandson had been in a driving while intoxicated accident and need the money to post bail and hire an attorney to represent him. If you receive any call asking you to make a payment through a reloadable cash card it is probably a scam – use this image GreenDot = RedFlag.  There are legitimate uses for GreenDot cards and other debit cards but they are easily exploited by thieves seeking a speedy and untraceable way to obtain money under false pretenses. Green Dot’s website provides these tips:

  • 7 Tips on How to Protect Yourself from Fraud:
  1. Never give your MoneyPak number to someone you don’t know.
  2. Never give receipt information about your MoneyPak purchase to another party.
  3. Use your MoneyPak only to reload your prepaid cards or accounts you control.
  4. Refuse any offer that asks you to buy a MoneyPak and share the number or receipt information by email or phone.
  5. To use your MoneyPak with PayPal or eBay or other online merchants, transfer the money to your PayPal account before you pay the merchant. Don’t email your MoneyPak number directly to any merchant.
  6. Don’t use the MoneyPak to pay taxes or fees to claim “winnings” on a foreign lottery or prize promotion. Unless it’s an approved MoneyPak partner, don’t use MoneyPak for any offer that requires you to pay before you get the item.
  7. Check this list of approved MoneyPak partners before you use your MoneyPak to pay.

Please keep these 7 tips in mind when using MoneyPak. Green Dot is not responsible for the quality or non-receipt of any goods or services you buy using your MoneyPak.

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If any attorney calls asking for money to represent a loved one for a Municipal Court or Criminal Defense, ask for a written fee agreement before sending any payments.  With the information on the fee agreement you should be able to verify if the request is legitimate.  If you have any doubts you can contact us to verify it for you. To schedule a confidential meeting with a respected attorney, contact us online or call our office in Haddonfield at 856-795-2220. We understand how important your case is to you…it’s just as important to us.