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Insurance Fraud? Your Next Steps

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2019 | Firm News |


Making a false statement in support of an application for insurance or in support of a claim for a benefit under an insurance policy is insurance fraud. Insurance fraud takes many forms and involves individuals of all income levels. While automobile insurance fraud might be the first thing to come to mind, health insurance fraud, and disability fraud are also common. For business owners listing an employee as an independent contractor instead of an employee or misrepresenting the type of work they do to lower cost the cost of their workers compensation insurance is a frequent form of insurance fraud. Fraud applications and claims can have severe consequences including loss of professional and drivers’ licenses, incarceration, substantial fines, and penalties.  Insurance carriers, state, and federal authorities bring civil and criminal enforcement actions against fraud. John C. Grady of Craig Annin & Baxter is particularly experienced in both pursuing fraud claims and defending against them. If you are implicated in such an investigation or feel you have been defrauded contact John C. Grady at Craig Annin & Baxter Law.

Don’t Face Insurance Fraud Alone The consequences of insurance fraud are significant, don’t face such accusations alone. If faced with a situation where fraud is a concern, call for advice first. When you have Craig Annin & Baxter’s Woodbury NJ insurance fraud lawyers on your side, you can address these issues with an experienced advocate to guide you.